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Have you ever noticed how some lawns just appear “finished?”

Clean Air Lawn Care Boise knows what it takes to make the lawn look polished and pristine. The finishing touch that sets our lawns apart from so many others is vertical edging. Vertical edging paired with Clean Air’s practice of mowing at a taller blade height creates that polished look.

One of the best practices for the health of the lawn is mowing at a taller height. That allows the roots to grow deeper and stronger. Healthier root systems, which are also bolstered by Clean Air Lawn Care’s organic fertilizers, lead to a turf that is resilient, disease-resistant, and drought-tolerant. With the taller grass height comes the need for edging wherever the lawn ends. Whether it is a sidewalk, driveway, curb, or brick pavers along a flower bed, edging the lawn provides the clean look that takes our service a step beyond just another mowing.


Vertical Edging vs. Other Methods

Vertical edging adds a refined finish to freshly mowed lawn. But it does more than just add curb appeal. Vertical edging is another step in reducing weed presence in the lawn. Leaving the grass tall all the way to where it meets the hard boundary reduces the space for weeds to grow.

Beveled trimming on the other hand results in scalped turf at the edges. And while that still keeps grass from extending onto the sidewalk, it also eliminates grass density and exposes the soil. This unfortunately creates an opportunity for weeds to find a space to flourish.

Additionally, trenching the edge is another technique to edging. It creates an ever-widening gap between the sidewalk and the lawn creating a dirt opening where weeds can find purchase. Some weeds, like spurge, are more adept at growing in those small spaces and then spreading out to take over what would otherwise be a pristine lawn. Ultimately vertical edging for a pristine lawn is the way to go. 

This attention to detail is what makes Clean Air a premier service — taking the extra time to trim and edge to maintain the grass density and prevent weeds. This also means Clean Air saves you time and money on treating those weeds. The extra step of vertical edging reduces the need for chemicals, further enhancing the health of the lawn while making it stand out.

Clean Air Lawn Care Boise will adhere to all the best practices for both the health of your lawn as well as the pristine aesthetic that will make you the envy of your block.


Clean Air Lawn Care HQ’s blog is written by Craig Martin, one of Clean Air’s many franchise owners. Prior to becoming an owner, Craig spent more than 15 years as a sports writer for multiple newspapers, and he reported on prep, NCAA and professional sports. Each week he will be sharing thoughts, ideas and industry insights on how Clean Air Lawn Care helps foster an organic and sustainable lawn for you and your family to enjoy.