Mycorrhizae: Guardians of Soil Health

There are many components that go into creating healthy soil to nurture a lawn. At Clean Air Lawn Care Boise, we include an additional ingredient in our organic liquid soil builder that is key in bolstering the turf – mycorrhizae. And this tiny but powerful soil tool can do wonders for your lawn in 2024 — and beyond.

Mighty and Beneficial

Mycorrhizae is a naturally occurring fungus already present in the soil all around us. Applying additional mycorrhizae helps that population flourish. Some may think it counterintuitive to add fungal growth to a lawn, but this tiny fungus has a mighty benefit.


At its essence, mycorrhizae embodies a mutualistic relationship between plant roots and certain fungi.  Both parties exchange vital resources for their mutual benefit. The fungi, adept at traveling through the soil extend their reach far beyond the confines of a plant’s root system. In return for shelter and carbohydrates provided by the host plant, mycorrhizal fungi facilitate the uptake of essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and water from the soil. It’s a symbiotic relationship at its finest.

Extends How Far Roots Can Reach Nutrients

One of the most remarkable aspects of mycorrhizal symbiosis is its profound impact on root systems. By colonizing the zone of soil surrounding plant roots, mycorrhizal fungi extend the effective surface area for nutrient absorption. This expansion enables plants to access nutrients that would otherwise remain beyond their reach. This thereby enhances their overall vigor and resilience.

The roots of the grass provide a home where there are readily available carbohydrates released by the plant. In turn, the reach of the mycorrhizae allows the nearby nutrients to better flow to the roots. Better nutrient uptake means stronger roots and healthier turf.

Naturally Enhances Soil Aeration

Moreover, mycorrhizae play a pivotal role in improving soil structure and stability. Weaving through the soil to create a network of channels and aggregates it further enhances soil aeration and water retention.

A Healthy Alternative

Mycorrhizae thrive in healthy soil conditions. If your soil is heavily compacted or lacking in organic matter, mycorrhizae might not establish well. This only adds to its role when coupled with the Clean Air program. Applying an organic liquid soil builder is just one more component that Clean Air Lawn Care utilizes to enhance soil health and improve the health of the lawn in a natural, sustainable way. And is another option for you to continue keeping not only your lawn but also your family healthy and safe from toxic alternatives.


Clean Air Lawn Care HQ’s blog is written by Craig Martin, one of Clean Air’s many franchise owners. Prior to becoming an owner, Craig spent more than 15 years as a sports writer for multiple newspapers, and he reported on prep, NCAA and professional sports. Each week he will be sharing thoughts, ideas and industry insights on how Clean Air Lawn Care helps foster an organic and sustainable lawn for you and your family to enjoy.