humic acidThe organic fertilizer program at Clean Air Lawn Care Boise includes a liquid application that is derived of humic acid, fulvic acid and kelp. As the 2024 spring season is underway, one of the early applications includes this amazing liquid formula to introduce humic acid to the lawn and reap its many benefits.

The Foremost Advantage…

of humic acid lies in its profound impact on soil structure and fertility. When Clean Air Lawn Care applies our liquid soil builder to lawns, humic acid acts as a soil conditioner, effectively loosening compacted soils and enhancing both water retention and drainage capabilities. This improved soil structure facilitates better root penetration, nutrient absorption and resilience against drought conditions, ultimately fostering healthier and more robust grass growth.


Healthier Roots = Healthier Grass.

Clean Air Lawn Care takes pride in reducing chemical inputs. Our in-house blend of organic soil builder will produce results as part of our overall organic program. Humic acid plays a pivotal role in promoting nutrient uptake by plants. Serving as a chelating agent, it binds to essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, thereby increasing their availability to plant roots. By optimizing nutrient absorption, this natural molecule contributes to the development of lush, vibrant lawns with improved resistance to stressors like disease and pests. The root structure is further enhanced with the addition of mycorrhizae to our liquid soil builder.

Microbes for your Ecosystem

Microbial activity within the soil ecosystem is stimulated by the presence of humic acid, providing a nourishing environment for beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. It facilitates the decomposition of organic matter, nutrient recycling and overall soil health. This microbial activity not only enhances nutrient availability but also contributes to the breakdown of thatch and other organic debris, fostering a more balanced and sustainable lawn environment. Including compost top-dressing will boost the presence of the microbes in the soil and work in conjunction with these liquid applications.

Boost your Investment

Additionally, humic acid enhances the efficacy of fertilizers and other soil amendments. By improving nutrient retention and reducing leaching and runoff, this practice helps maximize the benefits of fertilization while minimizing environmental impact and resource waste. This synergy between humic acid and fertilizers allows for more efficient nutrient management practices, resulting in cost savings and ecological sustainability.

Humic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound derived from the decomposition of ancient organic matter. It exists in the sedimentation layers of the earth, made from soil, peat, coal and other natural deposits. It is abundant in carbon, which makes it vital to sustainable lawn care practices, offering all the benefits described for both the lawn and the underlying soil. From improving soil structure and nutrient uptake to enhancing fertilizer efficiency, humic acid plays a crucial role in cultivating lush, resilient lawns that thrive in diverse environmental conditions.


Clean Air Lawn Care HQ’s blog is written by Craig Martin, one of Clean Air’s many franchise owners. Prior to becoming an owner, Craig spent more than 15 years as a sports writer for multiple newspapers, and he reported on prep, NCAA and professional sports. Each week he will be sharing thoughts, ideas and industry insights on how Clean Air Lawn Care helps foster an organic and sustainable lawn for you and your family to enjoy.