There are many reasons to pursue the organic option when considering how to improve and maintain your lawn. Clean Air Lawn Care Boise selects the best products available to ensure the right nutrients are used to enhance your lawn organically and sustainably. Not only does an organic lawn benefit the environment and the health of the individuals and pets who use it, there’s an added benefit of protecting the health of the technicians applying safer products. Keep reading to learn more answers to this important question, “why choose organics?”

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Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits begin foremost with simply reducing the amount of synthetic chemicals in our communities. With fewer synthetic chemicals, there is less run off which can pollute water sources and harm aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, soil health is improved by promoting the activity of beneficial microorganisms, earthworms and other soil organisms. This creates a more sustainable and fertile growing environment. That also leads to greater biodiversity for a balanced lawn ecosystem.

Health and Safety Benefits

Just as important is the immediate impact to the health and safety of everyone connected to the lawn. Our lawns are increasingly becoming an extension of the home, and we all enjoy spending more time out in a lush and healthy landscape. When you choose organics you’re choosing:

    • Non-Toxic: Organic lawn care products are generally non-toxic and safer for children, pets and wildlife. This reduces the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause health issues, not only to families but to those that service the property.
    • No Chemical Residues: Organic practices ensure that no harmful residues are left on the lawn, which can be especially important for families who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Resiliency and Conservation Benefits

Using organic lawn treatment instead of chemical fertilizers reduces the amount of fertilizer inputs required over time. They enhance soil fertility and promote a healthier grass that is more resilient to pests and disease. And the healthier, lush lawn will also crowd out a lot of weeds naturally, which further reduces the need for heavy use of herbicides. Adding other sustainable practices to this organic approach like mulch mowing and compost top dressing also helps with natural carbon sequestration and over time provides long-term benefits to our broader global ecosystem.

Cost Savings

You benefit when you invest in an organic lawn. It yields savings in the future. While organic products may have a higher initial cost, they can lead to long-term savings by reducing the frequency of fertilizer and pesticide application. A well-maintained, chemical-free lawn can increase the appeal and value of a property, attracting potential buyers who are environmentally conscious. Also, given that regulatory issues are becoming more common as communities become aware of what synthetic fertilizers and herbicides do to the environment, an organic lawn ensures peace of mind that you’re in compliance with local and national guidelines, avoiding fines or penalties.

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So…why choose organics?

Overall, choosing organic options for lawn care aligns with a commitment to environmental stewardship, health and long-term sustainability, making it a compelling choice for clients. Children, pets, and even our adult feet when we kick off our shoes are out of harm’s way when our lawn is free of toxic chemicals. Clean Air Lawn Care pursues sustainability in every aspect of our services. From battery-powered mowing to organic fertilizers and organic mosquito control to water conservation, the environmental benefits are front and center with all we do.



Clean Air Lawn Care HQ’s blog is written by Craig Martin, one of Clean Air’s many franchise owners. Prior to becoming an owner, Craig spent more than 15 years as a sports writer for multiple newspapers, and he reported on prep, NCAA and professional sports. Each week he will be sharing thoughts, ideas and industry insights on how Clean Air Lawn Care helps foster an organic and sustainable lawn for you and your family to enjoy.