Our Boise Partners

Clean Air Lawn Care Boise partners with other local businesses in the Meridian, Boise and Eagle areas. Not only are our partners providing high quality products and services, but they are like minded in their sustainable practices.

North End Organic Nursery

The North End Organic Nursery is a 100% organic garden center, with an onsite plant nursery specializing in edible, native, and water conserving plants. NEON is our locally owned, full-service source for everything needed for a sustainable, organic garden and landscape. As our partner, when we source plants and products from NEON, we never have to ask “does this fit in with our mission to bring customers sustainable and organic lawn care and landscaping?” because the answer is always “yes!”

With friendly and knowledgeable staff, North End Organic Nursery is always available to help with questions, whether about your yard, vegetable garden or your houseplants (which they can supply, by the way!). And if you need a book, a rake, or an organic coffee break, come by and check out their offerings and their café!

North End Organic Nursery is located in Garden City Idaho and can be found online at northendnursery.com. Get in touch with them by calling 208-389-4769 or emailing info@northendnursery.com.

Other Sustainable Businesses

Roots Zero-Waste Market is tackling the global plastic packaging and food waste problem to simplify your life. Roots is a neighborhood grocery store and organic café offering healthy bulk foods, household cleaning products, personal care products, full service deli items and fresh prepared meals to shoppers looking for plastic-free, sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured products. At Roots, you buy the amount you need when you need it, so you can feel good about saving money while helping to reduce food and food-packaging waste.

Cunningham Pastured Meats is a real family ranch doing their best to raise the highest quality meats for their customers and their own family for the last 100 years. Five generations of knowledge and care for the land have been passed down. Their meats are raised 100% antibiotic, hormone and GMO free. Cows and lambs are raised on an all-grass diet, chickens and pigs are raised on pasture and supplemented with non-GMO grains. All of Cunningham’s animals are pastured and treated humanely with the respect our food deserves. At Cunningham, they want you to feel confident in the food you feed your family, which is why they explain everything they do from birth to harvest, so you know exactly how your meat is raised. Cunningham Pastured Meats is proud to serve all of the Boise Valley.

G.D. Herring specializes in insurance solutions for your unique property & life planning needs. Whether it’s protecting your home and family, your business, or your classic car collection, our agent partners specialize in creating comprehensive coverage to ensure you and your loved ones are as safe as you can be in an ever-changing world.